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Dress Rental Agreement

Please print and complete this form and send it with your dress.

Bust   Waist   Hips  
Rental Price $75/day (client receives $35) For Sale Price  
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Current Dress Owner Information

City   State/Zip  
Phone   Work Phone  
Payment Preference (circle) (please list email for account above)   Check

I am releasing the dress to Topline Studio.  This will enable Topline Studio to market, alter, rent and ship the dress to customers to the rental rate of $75 per day.  I understand that I will be paid at a rate of $35 per rental of my dress to be paid within two weeks of each successful rental completion.  Completed rentals are defined by those accepted by the renter within 24 hours of delivery.  I understand the renter has the right to refuse and return the dress upon inspection and I would not be paid. 

If indicated above I may wish to sell the dress for the “For Sale Price” and Topline Studio will receive 30% commission for the price of the gown. 


I understand there may be a wait time of up to one month for the dress to be listed while the dress is photographed.   I understand that I may not sell the dress as long as it is in the possession of Topline Studio.  I authorize all cleaning, repairs and alterations performed on the dress by Topline Studio.  I agree that Topline Studio is not responsible for any loss of or damages incurred to the dress, including any loss or damage done by renters of the dress.  IF there are no renters for the dress after three months of listing I understand the dress can be returned.

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